Woman exercising in sea during lockdown rescued by Newquay RNLI

Woman exercising in sea during lockdown rescued by Newquay RNLI
Derek Harper/Geograph

Newquay Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) crew rescued a woman trapped by the strong incoming tides on the eve of April 26.

A statement posted by the charity group Newquay RNLI on its Facebook page said that they received reports at 7:36 pm that a woman had become stuck on the waters just below the Barrowfields. Volunteers deployed a used D class inshore lifeboat to assist the unfortunate woman.

The woman was retried safe and was returned to the station at 8.05 pm. Newquay RNLI has reiterated its warning for people not to do any outdoor activities in the sea during the coronavirus lockdown. Most beaches have been closed and have been cordoned off. Signs advise visitors to avoid the area and avoid congregating.

Aside from the dangers of open waters, Newquay RNLI said that any assistance rendered by their team potentially exposes them to COVID-19, currently a pandemic-level disease caused by coronavirus strain SARS-CoV-2. The team reiterated that their crew will still be servicing during the coronavirus lockdown but wishes everyone to follow safety measures to reduce strain on emergency services.

Cabinet Office minister Michael Gove on April 28 said that the public will be barred from visiting seaside resorts as the UK continues its lockdown against COVID-19. Steve Double, the MP for St Austell and Newquay added that there are concerns that once the UK eases its lockdown, an influx of people coming to Cornwall could potentially trigger another wave of coronavirus infections that may cause even more deaths.

The current NHS rules allow people to do outdoor exercises such as jogging, walking, riding a bicycle, etc. Newquay RNLI advises people to check the weather first before going out to exercise and be prudently careful when trekking near cliffs. They also advised people to immediately contact coastguard or 999 or 112 for any coastal emergencies.


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