Witnessing the Return of the Gorgeous Flag of Cornish Alps


Bringing back what was missing is a very satisfying accomplishment especially if what you brought back is significant in the history of your country.

St. Austell once witnessed a heroic act from a 25-year old patriotic man named Ashley Stone. He’s a brave man who planted back the nearly forgotten flag at the top of Cornish Alps.

Cornish Alps is a man-made mountain and a famous landmark of St. Austell. It was made from clay pits that were originally moulded in a conical shape. The clay used to shape the gorgeous mountain was from China clay extract. This China clay extract made the name of the town popular in the 18th century when a chemist named William Cookworthy discovered it.

Cornish Alps once possess a flag on its top; however, without any reason, it disappeared. The flag, which the older generations usually watch as it waves beautifully, was now out of the sight of younger generations. Moreover, the Cornish Alps without the flag is incomplete.

Luckily, Mr. Stone was so determined to bring back the missing piece of Cornish Alps. The flag that he used to watch waving at him during his childhood days. He once placed a flag at the top of the mountain; however, a storm tore it into pieces. Without giving up, Mr. Stone again got a bigger flag and planted it. He is truly a hero who is resolute to save the important part of the famous trademark of his hometown.

During his mission, he felt the verbal support or words of encouragement of those people who were passing by.

“I had no idea what sort of an impact it would have but I guess it’s kinda’ brought everyone together as a community.” Mr. Stone stated which is true.

The Cornish Alps, which Mr. Stone call as ‘Scredda Mountain’, is now complete. The weather may devastate its parts into pieces. However, there are still patriotic persons, like Mr. Stone, who would always care to bring back its glory.


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