Wiltshire Council agrees to replace 45,000 street lights with LED bulbs


Street lights in Wilshire will soon be powered with LED bulbs as the council has agreed to commence replacement of the almost 4500 sodium street lights in the county.  The council reached the decision at an Environmental Select Committee meeting on Tuesday.

The arrangement will allow the Council to dim the LED lights remotely. The lights will be turned down from 8pm in the evening until 6am with further dimming from 11pm onwards.

“I believe this is an important cost saving and environmental measure.

“The Liberal Democrat group proposed this change early in the year but it was rejected by the Conservatives. Finally, they have seen the light,” Chris Hurst, Wiltshire Councillor for Royal Wootton Bassett South  who hailed the move said in a statement.

£12.2m will be spent on installation which is expected to take two years with returns from the investment expected 12 years after the project.

The council estimate shows it will save over £1m in energy costs and £250,000 in street light maintenance to taxpayers.

The council hopes project when completed, will help checkmate and inhibit anti-social behavior.

Jacqui Lay, Wiltshire Councillor for Purton, who was at the meeting, told the Advertiser: “Quite often what happens is that in town centres where youths perhaps congregate, the police actually request the lights to be turned off.

“They won’t gather if the lights aren’t on.

“If it’s dark, I don’t think people will be hanging around on the off-chance someone will turn up for them to acost,” the councillor added.

It will also help the council meets its carbon emission target to lessen its footprint by 50 percent by 2020.



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