Why Taunton Deane election candidates want to be elected

Why Taunton Deane election candidates want to be elected

Four general election candidates in Taunton Deane had the following reasons to give when asked why you should vote for each one of them.

Gideon Amos of the Liberal Democrat party talked of being brought up in Somerset as he has also led some campaigns that made the area known nationally. One of the campaigns he championed includes Save the Royal Marine which made the government and the conservative MPs to change their minds concerning closing the Norton Manor group.

Gideon is also collecting signatures that will prevent fire engines from being cut by the conservative fire authority in wellington. He’s also working with headteachers to push the government to cut down costs in local schools.

Liam Canham of Labor party talked about being raised in Taunton. He has also served as the Labor PPC for Taunton Deane. Liam has also worked with the community of Taunton as a police officer for ten years and has served as a deputy chairman for the committee of a local homeless charity.

He looks forward to seeing Taunton Deane offering quality public services. He also plans to invest more in building the community and handling the climate crisis.

John Hunt, an Independent candidate, served as a Somerset county councilor, and this made him consider the parliament seat. However, he stated that he does not have faith in any political party, and thus he opted to be an independent candidate. He also plans to support the local community and represent the genuine interest of his community in parliament.

Rebecca Pow of the Conservative party has served as an MP of Tauton since 2015. She has had various achievements, such as being able to convince the government to retain their 40 Commandos in Taunton.

She has launched about $79m theatres at Musgrove Park Hospital, and they are committed to upgrading the website. She has also secured $28m to carry out some infrastructure projects. She has won the greenest MP in 2018 and was also appointed the environmental minister.

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