Why Bath Will Be Colder Than ICELAND on Halloween


Bath will be so cold in the coming hours that it will be warmer in Iceland.

According to the Met Office weather forecasts, Halloween is going to be a very cold day in Bath, even colder than Iceland!

Somerset, Bath will see temperatures as low as 1⁰C in the night between Tuesday, October 30 and Wednesday, October 31 and in the early hours of Wednesday morning the temperature reading in Bath will remain at 1⁰C, until temperatures of 2⁰C and 3⁰C at 7am and 8am.

Iceland on the other hand, will have some parts like Djupivogur considerably warmer than Bath with temperatures of 6⁰C, 5⁰C and 4⁰C throughout the night and early morning.

Iceland Met Office forecasts suggest that there is a chance of rainfall, which explains why the temperatures are higher than Bath. Although by 6pm on October 31, they will drop significantly once again.

In the capital of Iceland, Reykjavik, temperatures will get colder than Bath, dropping to 0⁰C at different points on Halloween.

By 9am on Halloween back in Bath, mercury will rise to 5⁰C with the sun pushing through the clouds.

Temperatures of 11/12⁰C will be retained mostly throughout Wednesday but in the evening of Halloween, they will drop again slightly, to around 9⁰C.

However, it won’t be too cold for trick or treaters in Bath, as long as they’re bundled up nicely. On the other hand, trick or treating in Iceland may have to be cancelled or perhaps done during the hours when the temperature rises significantly.



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