What Can Cornwall Expect as Jubilee Pool’s Geothermal Spa Opens in 2019?


The opening date of Cornwall’s new geothermal spa is now known, but what exactly will it consist of?

By Easter of 2019, Penzance’s iconic open air sea pool Jubilee Pool will become the first geothermal heated spa in the UK. From that time next year, the new spa will increase the facilities at the pool, and can open year-round.

After years of planning, the boss of Geothermal Engineering Ltd has confirmed the opening date of the attraction. The company has been at work drilling holes into the earth below the luxurious Jubilee Pool so as to tap into the earth’s natural heat.

According to the managing director at GEL, Ryan Law, the drilling has now been effected under the largest sea water lido of Britain.

The plan is that within the existing pool, a heated spa pool will be created, integrating the new spa pool into the North-West corner of the main pool.

The water level within the new spa pool will contain fresh seawater at a temperature of 35 degrees centigrade. It will range from 1m-1.4m in depth.

The pool’s heat will come from the geothermal well (1500m deep), which is currently being drilled outside the Jubilee Pool site’s North-Eastern boundary, in the triangular section of land.

A glass wind break will be introduced along the new curved wall so as to minimize heat loss from the pool.

Access to the pool will be through steps or a new ramp with handrail built along the new curved wall separating the main pool from the spa.


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