Westonzoyland Residents Participate In A Scarecrow Competition In Coronavirus Lockdown

Westonzoyland Residents Participate In A Scarecrow Competition In Coronavirus Lockdown

With the current lockdown in the country, many people are finding different ways to kick boredom and socialize at safe distances. In Westonzoyland, villagers are showcasing their creativity by making scarecrows during the lockdown.

As part of celebrating the 60th anniversary, the Westonzoyland carnival club planned a competition for residents to build the best scarecrow. The scarecrow competition was initially scheduled to take place later in the year. However, Chris Burge, the chairman of the Westonzoyland carnival club came with the idea to make it earlier than planned due to the unfortunate lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Westonzoyland carnival club chairman says that the response has been amazing with about 70 entries already in display around the Westonzoyland village.

Mr Burge said the idea was at first a tongue-in the -cheek but later the club started receiving brilliant works of art mostly made using home items. The competition has given the residents an activity to keep them busy and a distraction from the current situation with interesting scarecrows to at during village walks.

The winning entry was a scarecrow made that was riding a scarecrow horse which was jumping over a hedge. The runner-up position was taken by the entry of a husband scarecrow washing a car and a wife scarecrow reading a book.

There were other interesting scarecrows such as a police scarecrow named Boris holding a speed gun. Burge says the police scarecrow seems to be genuinely slowing traffic in the village.

The winning entry received a homemade trophy that had silver toilet paper on a wooden plinth. The winner also received a free takeaway carvery from a local pub, two for adults and two for children.

Westonzoyland carnival club is a carnival club in the Westonzoyland village that takes part in the Somerset Guy Fawkes Circuit.


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