WASPI women to quiz election candidates over controversial pension charges during Cheltenham election debate


Women born in 1950 are not giving up on ensuring that issues concerning their pensions are considered in the upcoming general elections.

The three candidates in the upcoming general elections are going to face the campaigning WASPI women a few days before the election day.

The three politicians from a liberal democrat, conservative, and labor party have accepted to participate in hustings after being requested by the leader of the Cheltenham WASPI group.

Max Wilkinson (Liberal Democrat), George Penny (Labor), and Alex Chalk (Conservative) will give an account of what they plan to do if they win the elections. Martin Lewis has arranged the Cheltenham hustings, and they are likely to grow into a debate.

Mr. Lewis asked the members of the public to suggest about five topics he can question the candidates about.

Sixty-eight percent of those people who have participated in giving suggestions want Mr. Lewis to question the politicians on matters concerning women born in 1950 whose pension age rose.

The pension injustice will be a significant topic because the Green Party representative, together with Jeremy Corbyn, Nigel Farage, and Adam Prince, will participate in the MSE debate.

In Cheltenham, the Brexit party and Green Party candidates have stepped aside, and raving loony party candidates will not be taking part as well.

All women born in the 1950s, together with their relatives, are requested to attend the meeting. However, the venue is yet to be decided upon, but the political leaders have agreed to participate.

Hilary Simpson, the WASPI coordinator, noted that the three candidates would have an opportunity to state what they have concerning the pension injustice where women born in the 1950s are greatly affected.

She further noted that about 5600 women living in Cheltenham had been affected by the pension injustice.


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