Warehouse to Accommodate Rising Student Population

Warehouse to Accommodate Rising Student Population
Simon Cobb/ Wikimedia

Penryn’s county planner approved the renovation of former Carrick Business Centre on Commercial Road and turn it into a business and housing accommodation. Since it is listed as a Grade Two building, the county planner’s endorsement is needed to give the building a fresh new look.

The Carrick Business Centre was initially built in the 19th century as historic warehouses. It was developed as a business venue during the 1980s and spans over 13,720 square feet.   Since then, the building has not been maximised and has deteriorated over the years.

Its Derby-based developer, JPM Integrators, noted that some parts are in a devastating state of repair. The ground floor will be modernised for businesses. Still, the higher levels will be converted into flats for the students of Falmouth University.

Since 2016, Falmouth University has been targeting an increase in its annual student population.

However, even with this project’s positive economic impact in counties surrounding it, housing issues have been noted. With Carrick Business Centre’s renovation, it will add 37 new bedrooms targeted for students which can ease accommodation issues.

The site’s accessibility to the town centre, car park, and transportation terminals make it perfect for students and businesses.

Because of the strategic location, there won’t be any provision for on-site parking. Businesses can rely on the parking provided along Commercial Road while students are advised to use public transportation.

Despite a promising plan for the site, some neighbourhood members are not in favour of this. Some have noted that the community has been exposed to overdevelopment and overexpansion too much, too soon.

They also feel that Commercial Road is not an ideal location for this project and can be placed outside of town. Locals would instead want a hub for start-up businesses, food bazaars, art centres, or other projects to benefit the community.


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