Wanted in Liskeard: Driver of A Gold 4×4

Alex Borland/Public Domain Pictures

The police are now hunting a driver after the crash that happened on November 22 (Friday) on a road near Connon bridge in Liskeard at around 2:00 in the afternoon.

The car was a gold 4×4 that have allegedly collided with another vehicle while overtaking. The gold 4×4 immediately left the scene right after the incident.

The other vehicle’s driver reported the event to the police just this Monday and is demanding repairs compensation. The event was captured by the CCTV along the area and the plate number of the gold 4×4 is now being tracked.

The incident caused heavy traffic ingestion at Connon bridge. No other vehicle has been affected and there were no injured civilians.

The police are now on the hunt for the driver and announcement for any information that may help are made all throughout the news and social media. Until today, no one has turned down the wanted person and the offended party is already thinking about giving away cash for any informant.

The offended party had his white Vauxhall Vivaro damaged and he also had suffered minor injuries in the arms and legs.

The Devon and Cornwall police are still investigating the matter and the victim was already given due medical attention. The victim’s family are determined to take action against the gold 4×4 driver, especially now that they are taking up leads.

The police are reassuring the public that traffic enforcers are on their duty 24/7. They are also reminding the motorists to keep vigilant on the road and to drive with due care. Connon bridge accidents are increasing, and the local government units are planning on road reconstruction and safety procedures.

Anyone with information and are planning to help in this case may be in contact with the police through their 24/7 hotline 101, or you may email [email protected]


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