Viral Pictures and Videos of People in Bristol Enjoying Ice Creams and Crickets During Lockdown

Viral Pictures and Videos of People in Bristol Enjoying Ice Creams and Crickets During Lockdown

Thousands of people went out from their homes and freed themselves from the mundane view. People at the downs lined up for takeout coffee, families and friends enjoyed playing cricket and tasting the delicious ice cream from the ice cream vans at Sea Walls.

The scenario is pretty much normal, but the difference is, the state is still currently under strict health protocols due to the current health crisis.

Although the rule “Stay at home,” is still being enforced, the local government units permitted their citizens to stroll and enjoy the outside for a day.  According to local health professionals, allowing people to go out for a day was beneficial for their mental health.

According to them, maintaining their mental health should be continually encouraged even during this pandemic because it’s as essential as physical health. Moreover, local health professionals also said that engaging in outdoor activities once in a while is vital to maintaining one’s health.

Activities that foster mental health should not be categorized as a “luxury,” but it has to belong to the “necessities.”

Bristol Live announced and posted a video of the Sea Walls scene. The footage captures scenes of people crowding together and walking in groups, but these pieces of evidence are only as far as the camera lenses could see. Therefore, according to some authorities, these are not really reliable.

The pictures of the said scenario were a subject for debate because those were clear violations against the health protocols according to the national authorities. However, other citizens’ questions were directed to the Bristol authorities’ credibility and the Bristol citizens’ individual responsibility.

Nevertheless, after closer scrutiny, it appeared that the pictures were misleading. In the photos, it seemed as if people were clustered near the ice cream van when, in reality, they were practising social distancing. Bristol’s citizens were cautious and strictly adhered to health standards. This is because protocols are still in place due to the ongoing quarantine.

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