Victim of a Serious St. Austell Crash Remains Unstable


Yesterday, a very serious vehicle crash happened at Carclaze, St. Austell involving an Audi A3, Fiat 500 Abarth, and a silver BMW.

The Fiat driver remained uninjured while the BMW driver, a man on his mid-forties together with the other passengers, suffered minor injuries. The BMW driver and the passengers were taken into the nearest hospital for first aid procedures.

The Audi driver–a man on his mid-twenties–on the other hand, has received life-threatening injuries from the crash. As soon as the reports were received by the police, Medics responded immediately and they have transferred the injured at Derriford Hospital.

He suffered multiple bone fractures and a tremendous psychiatric shock. His family refused to give the media their opinion on the matter. Up until today, the patient is still under observation at Derriford Hospital. For the matters of hospital expenses and medications, negotiations are still ongoing.

Accidents on this part of St. Austell happen very rarely, and this incident alarmed the St. Austell community. According to the Devon and Cornwall police spokesperson, they are in collaboration with the national public works and city engineers on the investigation of this case. It has been decades since the last infrastructure realignment was made on Carclaze.

Aside from issues on the road and infrastructure, the police are also looking at the angle of over speeding. As it happens, the Fiat driver becomes the prime suspect of over speeding since his vehicle received the littlest damages.

There have been temporary road closures from Carclaze going to St. Austell and vice versa. There will be a slight change in traffic starting tomorrow due to the police investigations.

Devon and Cornwall Police are appealing for witnesses to take part in the initial investigation. Witnesses with any relevant information may contact the Devon and Cornwall police on their 24/7 website: [email protected]


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