UK’s Cancer Research to open Charity Superstore in Bridgwater


UK’s Cancer Research is set to open a new superstore in May. The new superstore will be located in the Retail Park in Bridgwater and will occupy the idle space that was formerly occupied by the Lidl store.

While announcing the news, the management disclosed that the shop will occupy about 8.2 sq feet. They further added that the store will be officially opened on May 1, 2020.

According to the information posted on their website, the store will be an addition to the 600 stores across the UK.

Cancer Research is a London-based charity group that receives donations from people and sells them to raise funds to help in cancer research. Their stores receive items such as clothing, accessories, quality homeware, linens, CDs, books, DVDs, mobile phones, and electronics.

The items are then sold in their stores to raise money for charity work. Donated items are cheaply sold since they are second-hand items. The price ranges from £3 to £5 per item across all the stores.

Everything in the new store will be retailing at £5. Additionally, the new store will be four times bigger than the regular charity shops in the UK.

The new store will offer a huge selection of clothing, books, DVDs, CDs, furniture, homewares, and electronics. Shopping in these stores is convenient as everything is under one roof.

Cancer Research has charity superstores in other towns such as Leeds, Sunderland, Corby, Walsall, Hull, Coventry, and Rotherham among others. The money earned is then used to fund research works by scientists to get a cure for cancer.

In addition to funds raised from the stores, the charity group has a team of campaign ambassadors who engage the government to secure grants. Additionally, the group has volunteers who help in running their daily operations.

The charity group organises events such as charity walks and charity runs to raise money for the cause.


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