Two Teenagers Attacked After Disorder at Crown Inn Pub

Two Teenagers Attacked After Disorder at Crown Inn Pub

Two teenagers were attacked and experienced stab wounds following a disorder that occurred on Saturday, December 19, 2020. The incident happened outside Crown Inn pub, which is located at Keynsham. 

Both teenagers, who are aged 15 and 16 years old, had their stab wounds examined and it was they were not life-threatening. They stayed overnight in a hospital to get their injuries treated before they got arrested the next day. 

On December 19, 2020, at 4:40 pm, police officers from Avon and Somerset had arrived at the Crown Inn pub following the disorder that involved the residents near the area. 

According to various sources, the disorder occurred around the car parking area outside the Crown Inn pub. Reports also indicate that there were no events of any trouble that happened inside the pub during that day.

Will Thorpe, a detective inspector, said that the investigation of the disorder is still in its early stage phase. He said that the police look forward to hearing from anyone who happened to be at the Crown Inn pub on December 19, 2020, especially during afternoon hours. 

Additionally, he reassured the public that security would be enhanced in the area as a result of the recent disaster. He also stated that the team is fully aware of what occurred during the incident and they were committed to taking certain measures to avoid the repeat of the same incident.

The police officers are currently taking steps in conducting patrols around the area. This is aimed to increase security and prevent similar incidents from happening again.

As of now, the investigations for the recent disorder are still ongoing. Investigators have also asked for witnesses’ cooperation to get their side of the story regarding the incident. 

If you are a witness to the reported incident, please dial the number 101. You can provide the reference number, 5220284170, of the call-hander as well. 


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