Two Opposing Sides Hold Peaceful Protests in Exeter

Two Opposing Sides Hold Peaceful Protests in Exeter

Two opposing groups of students held peaceful protests in Exeter yesterday. One group was protesting against discrimination based on gender, sexuality, national origin, race, and ethnicity in the city. The other group was showcasing their support and appreciation to the police department.

The protestors, who were advocating for equality and justice for the black people, faced off with the counter-protestors outside the municipal building in Exeter.

The protesting students were irked by the increasing cases of discrimination in the city. They laid the blame on the police department and other first responders for ignoring the plight of the black people in the city.

While marching on the streets, they carried placards with the words “Black Lives Matter.” They insisted that they aimed at showcasing diversity and support for the disadvantaged groups in the community.

The 150 protesting students were escorted by police vehicles from Exeter High school up to the municipal building. As they marched along the 2-mile stretch, they were joined by other supporters.

One of the students said that they were doing the American act because that was what Americans did when the black community was discriminated against by the police.

On approaching the municipal building, they encountered a group of 20 counter-protestors. They decided to kneel down and show solidarity with the black community members whose rights have been violated by the police.

On their part, the counter-protestors wished them well and insisted that they were in support of the Exeter police department. One counter-protester said that he came to the streets to support the police in case the protests turned violent.

However, the two opposing sides held a dialogue and decided to come to a compromise for the sake of the unity of the city and the country.


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