Two Norquay Individuals Arrested Over Possession Of Illegal Drugs And Spitting On A Police Officer

Two Norquay Individuals Arrested Over Possession Of Illegal Drugs And Spitting On A Police Officer
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A 44-year-old man and 21-year-old woman were arrested on a drug investigation Tuesday afternoon at Cliff Road in Newquay, Cornwall.

The man has been investigated under suspicion of illegal drugs possession with an intent to supply. Police officers have begun the investigation on the contacts, networks, and finances while enquiries were continued by Newquay Police Response team. Photos of the seized suspected drugs and phone have been posted on Twitter by one of the officers.

While conducting the investigation, an officer has been spat on by the 21-year-old female during the search on the suspect’s house address. Javelle Lalande, the woman accused of spitting a police officer during the operation, was also arrested and is bound to present at Bodmin Magistrates’ Court on 29 April on the account of assaulting emergency personnel.

Both individuals are currently in police custody, with the current investigation ongoing for the 44-year-old man. He has been released of the initial investigations on drug possession and is pending further investigation for suspected drug offences.

A spokesperson from the Newquay Police Response team spoke about the investigation conducted around 4:10 PM on the suspect’s address, following the release of the man from the initial police investigation.

Around the same time, one of the investigating officers was assaulted by the woman by spitting on him while conducting the house search. It was in the same period where she was immediately arrested and brought to Newquay Police for booking and filing of appropriate assault charges.

Newquay Police Response team has yet to state the possible charges on the 44-year-old man and dates have not been set yet for a court hearing on the case of possessing illegal drugs.

Other two individuals were also arrested on a drug bust in St Austell and has been held in custody while the police investigation is ongoing. Suspected Class A drugs were discovered at the suspect’s address following a search warrant execution.

Police officers in the region continue to investigate the rising cases of possession and use of illegal drugs.

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  1. Does the headline need to read Newquay and not Norquay? Looks like someone got mixed up with Torquay… or am I missing something😊


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