Truro’s Town Crier Donates to Christmas Lights Once Again

Truro’s Town Crier Donates to Christmas Lights Once Again

Lionel Knight, Truro’s town crier, has made another considerable donation to the town’s Christmas lights.

The crier has offered £11,000 to be spent on other sets of Christmas lights for the town’s festivities this year. In 2018, Lionel and his wife both pledged £15,000 to fortify Truro’s lighting scheme.

Usually, the Truro Business Improvement District or BID is tasked with the installation and maintenance of the city’s festive lights annually. The city gets the fund from the levy contribution coming from around 400 businesses in the area.

Unfortunately, BID’s budget has lessened by 20 percent as the organization’s contributions were influenced by premises low business rates. A large portion of the business rates went down in 2017’s revaluations.

Thanks to the couple’s donation, the lighting schemes in Boscawen Street and Princess Street were fully redesigned two years ago.

The town crier’s donation this year will be for the new lighting, with angel motifs, crossing both the streets of St. Nicholas and Lower Lemon. The new lights will serve as additional lights to the angels that have been installed and brought light to Boscawen Street, which the town crier funded as well.

Lionel said that he wanted to complete off what he had started two years ago for Boscawen Street with the angels. Moreover, he also mentioned that he wanted to make people happy and have a truly festive Christmas. Lionel went ahead to say that it was his hope that people would like them.

On the other hand, Truro’s BID manager, Alun Jones, said that they were overwhelmed by the couple’s incredibly generous donations to the town’s Christmas lights in 2018.

He also thanked the town crier for donating again this year. Jones even referred to the couple as angels of Truro. The installation of light is a part of Christmas program shared by Truro BID, Visit Truro, and Truro City Council.


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