Truro’s Elderly Shoppers Are Unworried by the Coronavirus Crisis

Shankar S./Flickr

Elderly shoppers in Truro aren’t worried about the current coronavirus crisis that has created fear and panic across the country. The shoppers, who are mostly 70 years and above, are still visible all over the city at a time when most people have opted to remain indoors.

Over the last few days, Truro city has witnessed an unsettling feeling that is largely palpable. Most businesses are empty or closed down as the fear of coronavirus infection has gripped the city and the entire nation.

However, the seniors are having a different thought about the deadly virus. They are unperturbed and unworried about the virus. Interestingly, the old folks are visible in all parts of the city centre. They are busy running their errands, and they seem to enjoy every moment.

Despite the government’s advice on self-isolation, most of the people seen walking on the streets in the city are the old folks. However, they seem to be taking precautionary measures by keeping some distance to avoid close contacts.

According to a report published by a local news outlet, the old folks urged the people to “keep calm and carry on” with their daily activities. They maintained that the coronavirus crisis should not be allowed to break their social fabrics and interactions by isolating people from others.

The UK government had advised its citizens to avoid using public transport as it increases the risk of coronavirus spreading. However, the pensioners ignored the advice as they have been using public transport means to access the city centre.

Most of the pensioners expressed their fears that the situation may worsen in the coming days. Therefore, they resolved to make use of the opportune time to travel to town before the country is put on lockdown.

A pensioner, Ms. Irene, 77, maintained that she is not worried by the crisis.  She added that one has to live life and enjoy every moment of it regardless of the situation.



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