Truro’s Crown Court Resumes Operations after Two Months Break

Truro’s Crown Court Resumes Operations after Two Months Break

The crown court in Truro has resumed operations after two months break due to coronavirus pandemic. The criminal justice system in the city was adversely affected by the pandemic. Court proceedings were temporarily halted when the government announced a nationwide lockdown three months ago.

Jurors were unable to travel to the courts due to the lockdown. Therefore, all courts decided to postpone all the trials indefinitely.

However, a fortnight ago, the government advised the courts to use video conferencing to conduct the hearings. Over the last few days, the accused persons have been taking pleas using mobile phones while hearings have been going on through video-links.

Things are slowly getting back to normalcy. Remanded prisoners, legal representatives, and reporting have been appearing in the hearings through video-links. However, a few defendants have been attending the court proceedings in person.

Those defendants that have opted to appear in the courtroom have to abide by the social distancing regulations issued by the government. These appearances are indicators that things are soon getting back to normalcy.

In the coming week, some serious sentencings will be taking place at the crown court in Truro. Among those who will be sentenced is Dean Miller. Miller is a drug dealer from Cornwall. He was caught when he was selling cocaine and heroin in Exeter.

Lee Baldock will also be sentenced at the court next week. He is a drunken man who burned down a car belonging to his ex-partner at night. He pleaded guilty to arson, and therefore he will be sentenced for that particular count.

Another sentencing will be that of a 55-year old alcoholic who attacked his elderly mother several times. Jeremy Barron said that he committed the act after losing his temper as his mother tried to control him. The incident took place in February this year.

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