Truro’s Castle Hill Arts Centre Reopened Ahead of August Outdoor Classes

Truro’s Castle Hill Arts Centre Reopened Ahead of August Outdoor Classes

The Centre for Arts, located at Castle Hill, has been reopened ahead of the scheduled on-campus classes in August. The facility was closed in early March when the government imposed the nationwide lockdown to curb the spread of coronavirus.

According to a press release, the institution will have in-person workshops in August. The statement further revealed that the 12 workshops scheduled for August will be conducted in line with the social distancing rule. All students, staff, and participants will be required to wear face masks and maintain social distance.

The decision to reopen the institution was arrived at after a meeting that brought together the staff, surveying students, Castle Hill Board, and the community. They argued that the participants were not at a higher risk of contracting coronavirus if they observe the safety guidelines issued by the government.

Additionally, Castle Hill has a meadow at Edgewood Farm, and it will be used to spread people out to maintain the ideal social distancing rule imposed by the government. Therefore, those doing painting and ceramic works will have enough space to do their work as well as maintain social distance.

The institution is relying on Zoom to conduct online classes as advised by the government. However, the schedule for the online classes is yet to be released because the class instructors are yet to agree on the timelines.

The on-campus class instructors will conduct classes of about 20 participants through Zoom to ensure maximum interaction during the sessions. However, the number may be increased during some sessions, as advised by the instructors.

Currently, over 90% of businesses and public institutions in Truro have been reopened. However, the coronavirus pandemic is yet to be contained. Therefore, the government, as well as Truro authorities, are closely monitoring the situation to prevent a second wave of coronavirus pandemic.


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