Truro News: A Petition to Grow Fruit Trees in School

Truro News: A Petition to Grow Fruit Trees in School

Aaron Slade, a nutritionist, has launched a petition indicating that teachers should teach nutrition at school, mathematics, and literacy. Aaron, who resides in Truro, suggested that the move would help the government save much money when implemented.

Aaron also indicated that by planting fruit trees in schools, the rate of obesity among school-going children would reduce drastically. He also advocated for the government to work with teachers to ensure that the dream is fulfilled.

Slade also indicated that the main reason for petitioning the initiative was to replace the sugar which is in chocolates and sweets with sugars from the fruits. Mr. Slade, who is blind after a fatal illness in 2013, launched the petition online. 

He called on the government to roll out the initiative in all the schools across the country. Though Aaron believed that the government wouldn’t finance the project, he thought it would be the beginning of the conversation.

Aaron, who is studying online to be a renowned nutritionist, indicated no hindrances for the initiative to begin. He also suggested that by providing the children with natural fruits, they would grow and develop well.

He also emphasized that children’s health was a matter of grave concern since the rate of obesity among children was high. By eating fruits, the health of children would improve, and parents would save money.

Mr. Slade indicated that most parents could not afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables during the pandemic due to reduced salaries. The little cash children got from parents would be used to purchase snacks that are not healthy.

He also emphasized the importance of eating fruits to children since it would boost their immune system. Mr. Slade also indicated that when his online petition received plenty of support, he would take it to parliament to be debated. He also expressed his hope that children all over the U.K would eat healthy foods.  

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