Truro Man Loses Limbs Due to Sepsis

Truro Man Loses Limbs Due to Sepsis
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Jay Phillips, a popular man in Truro, has had three of his limbs amputated after contracting sepsis. He was initially thought to have contracted the flu, which could have resulted in his dire misfortunes, but that turned out not to be the case.

Mr Phillips’s legs and a hand were amputated, resulting in grief to his family. He had been in many hospitals across the UK trying to seek medical treatment due to sepsis.

However, his wife told news outlets that he was trying to see the positive things of life and that all family members were happy that he was still alive.

Lisa Stacey, Mr Phillips’s wife, indicated that he was shocked to find out that her husband had sepsis.

Sepsis is a dangerous disease that is fatal and difficult to spot in the human body. In other words, sepsis is also known as blood poisoning, affecting all the body parts.

In November 2020, Mr Phillips was admitted to a hospital in Truro after initially suspecting that he had flu. His wife said that in those early stages, her husband was cheerful and loved to cycle so much to avoid being stressed and depressed.

His wife also indicated that her husband was still in hospital and had undergone emergency heart surgery after developing complications. She noted that they were fundraising for the family to pay for Mr Phillips’s medical expenses and bring him home.

Mrs Stacey also indicated that her husband had developed pneumonia during his sepsis infection, which had resulted in damaged heart valves. His body couldn’t cope with the failed immune system resulting in his organs dying him while in hospital.

Mrs Stacey thanked all the doctors and hospital staff for taking care of her husband during his difficult period. She also indicated that they were planning to raise €20000 using a fundraiser to finally sort out the hospital bills.

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