Truro City Urged to Pedestrianise Main Street to Get Out of Covid Crisis

Truro City Urged to Pedestrianise Main Street to Get Out of Covid Crisis
Lewis Clarke/Geograph

The man behind the famous Truro Day Festival requested the city council to pedestrianise Boascawen Street. Paul Caruana argued that the move would help the city out of the coronavirus crisis.

Mr Caruana wrote a letter to every councillor and leader in Truro, urging them to close the city’s major street to traffic. He reasoned that the move would help the city recover after the lockdown.

Mr Caruana noted that he had written to the city councillors two years ago asking them to consider having Boascawen Street pedestrianised. However, the letter was ignored, and nobody supported him at that time. However, he was optimistic that the letter would be considered this time as the city is recovering from the effects of COVID-19 crisis.

He noted all towns in Cornwall, including Truro, have suffered from the horrendous virus. Shops have closed. The closure of shops has eroded the glory of the city as a one-stop shopping destination. He suggested that the city centre should be well planned to facilitate the recovery process.

Mr Caruana expressed his fears that the council has not laid down any recovery plan after the lockdown. He feared that the glorious city centre would die if nothing is done to save it. According to him, the city centre is the heart of Truro, underscoring its importance to the economy of Truro.

He suggested that apart from pedestrianisation, the city centre can be transformed by placing boxed shrubs, benches, and promoting street café culture. He believes that the success of the city after the COVID crisis will depend on how well the city centre will be planned immediately after the lockdown.

Mr Caruana gave examples of the recent closure of sections of Lower Lemon Street, St Nicholas Street and Boscawen Street. Traffic was re-routed following the closure as road works continued. He, therefore, urged the council to consider pedestrianisation of Boascawen Street.

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