Truro City Out of FA Trophy Race after Recording a Coronavirus Case

Truro City Out of FA Trophy Race after Recording a Coronavirus Case

The Truro City dream of winning the FA trophy has come to an abrupt end after it was forced to cancel its third-round tie game. The decision to cancel the game was arrived at after the club recorded a coronavirus case.

Truro City was to play against Oxford City. The game has since been cancelled, meaning that it will not be rescheduled according to the current football rules.

The world football governing body FA dictates that a cancelled or postponed game must be played within eight days of the initially scheduled date.

However, coronavirus patients are quarantined for at least 14 days. Therefore, the individual who tested positive for coronavirus and the entire team cannot play until 14 days are over.

Therefore, Oxford City will automatically advance to the fourth round based on the argument that the team was not the cause of the match cancellation.

The match was postponed for a day as the White Tigers were waiting for the Covid test results. When the results were released, there was a confirmed coronavirus case, and the organizers cancelled the match.

The cancellation means that the city’s dream of winning the cup is over despite winning 2-1 against Concord Rangers the previous week.

The White Tigers had performed well in their first and second rounds and were hoping to win the third round match against Oxford City. However, the coronavirus pandemic has killed their hopes despite their commitment to observing Covid safety guidelines.
However, the White Tigers will continue with their Southern League matches next year when they resume after a temporary suspension.

English football leagues were suspended when the country was on the second lockdown, which came to an end in November. However, the football leagues have not yet announced the resumption of football activities, but they will likely resume early next year.

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