The Merits and Demerits of a Highway Passing Across Dorset According to Voices

The Merits and Demerits of a Highway Passing Across Dorset According to Voices

Voices, the Dorset Echo’s teenagers page that produces content weekly, is authored by young people. Recently, they mentioned about the merits and demerits of building a highway passing Dorset in one of their recent posts.

Of the eight counties in England, Dorset is the only one without a motorway.

One of the advantages of Dorset having no motorway is that the county continues to be a real section of the rural area. On the other side, the disadvantage of the absence of a highway in Dorset is that it makes a trade to diminish and amplify congestion, leading to air pollution, which is a challenge that most cities encounter.

The presence of a motorway multiplies the number of vehicles on the road, a factor that would undoubtedly enhance congestion.

However, the absence of a highway suggests that substantial finances are saved and would be used for more crucial ways such as establishing and maintaining fundamental structures.

Also, Dorset provides great biodiversity, and building a highway would interfere with the homes and harm ecosystems in the area.

Nonetheless, a motorway in Dorset would ensure Jurassic Coast and ancient towns are more reachable by tourists who will economically develop the location.

The advantage of having more tourists is that there will be a proliferation of profits in trade, making the businesses grow, ensuring more people get employed.

Besides, the availability of a motorway would ensure products of Dorset are efficiently exported not only within the country but also overseas.

Based on the strategic geographical location of Dorset, a motorway would make it possible to import goods. The essence of constructing a highway in Dorset is that it is centrally located, enclosed by four counties, with straight contact to the east, west, and north.

Generally, Voice believes that the financial strain Dorset could encounter, besides the environmental threats that are probable, would override the merits of having a highway.

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