Residents, no choice but park on double yellow lines

Residents, no choice but park on double yellow lines
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Although double yellow lines are established road signs that prohibit parking, a group of angry residents from Elim Terrace, Peverell, asserted that they have no choice but to park on the said lines because of their street being congested with cars.

The group was composed of frustrated neighbours rallied together by a man named Ross Farr-Semmens. He organised this “peaceful stand together” to call the attention of local authorities regarding their street’s parking problem.

Mr. Farr-Semmens emphasised that there are not enough legal parking spaces in the neighbourhood to accommodate the influx of cars over the last few years. He says that the “newer flats in Hawkers Lane and households having more than one car” are just some of the reasons why there is a parking overflow in Elim Terrace and its surrounding streets.

The situation, according to the rallying group, is that when they arrive home from work in the evenings, their street is so saturated with cars that they don’t have a choice but to park at the top of Abbots Road which is located many streets away. As a solution, they deemed it better to park illegally on double yellow lines than suffer parking streets away from their homes.

“The fines are no deterrent when there is no alternative”, said Mr. Farr-Semmens, pointing out that some of his neighbours are even budgeting for parking fines since they have no other option.

He himself had to spend £175 over the last four months, and this is why they are appealing to the council through their local councilor. “In the long-term, there must be some kind of solution found to our ever-growing parking problem in this corner of Peverell.”

The group requests that the double yellow lines be removed so that residents won’t be charged for parking in their own street, especially at night.

In response, a Plymouth City Council spokesperson reminded that they cannot do so, as double yellow lines are established for the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

However, he urged Mr. Farr-Semmens along with neighbours to contact the council directly so that they could discuss the public’s parking concerns as well as possible solutions.

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