Gritters in Action Across the Region to Clear Major Roads from Ice and Snow


Cornwall Council has just been confirmed of county-wide deployment of gritters to clear out major roads this week as a precaution to any upcoming weather. 

The Council’s contractor for highways and constructions, Cormac had just confirmed that gritters were deployed yesterday, February 11, to start the application of salt or grit on road networks before the temperatures start to fall to freezing points. They have also reminded that gritters would always be deployed whenever there are risks of ice and snow in the region. A Cormac spokesperson reported yesterday that the gritters were already deployed at 7 PM across the county and would operate on precautionary salting routes.  

The salting of the major road networks across Cornwall had just begun, and all motorist and drivers were forewarned of the operation. They have reminded drivers to navigate through the county safely and cautiously while the salting operation continues. Gritters would continually be visible this week until all major roads were salted to keep them coarse as possible. This would make the roads passable even during the winter season in Cornwall. 

There have not been any weather alerts posted by Met Office. However, everyone is still advised to prepare for the upcoming weather and be conscious of their safety during these times. As of the moment, roads are still passable, although there are chances of slippery lanes while the gritters had their ongoing salting operations. The salting would be done on major roads on a total of 1,400 km and would be done on heavily-trafficked A and B roads. These roads channels up 80% of the traffic movements in the region. 

The council had just taken stock of a delivery of salt that had just been shipped from Northern Ireland and was unloaded at Fowey Docks. These will be transferred to Cornwall and will be distributed to depots across the region. 


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