Cornwall Airport Newquay Reoperates for UK Domestic Flights

Cornwall Airport Newquay Reoperates for UK Domestic Flights

Commercial flights on Cornwall Airport Newquay have been stopped since November 9, 2020, and are planned to remain closed until December 9, 2020. But today (December 18, 2020), the management of the airport announced that it is supposed to reoperate for flights within the United Kingdom.

After the scheduled date for reopening was delayed, flights to Heathrow, Leeds-Bradford, and Manchester airports are arranged to resume today.

Cornwall Airport Newquay updated a post on Twitter yesterday (December 17, 2020) stating: “Tomorrow we reopen our doors to passengers, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you back!”

It is also posted that if you are traveling through the airport, please remember to bring a face covering and have your travel documents and ID ready for checking at the terminal entrance.

British Airways and Eastern Airways are the only airlines to use the airport for commercial flights on its reoperation.

Cornwall Newquay Airport also stated on Twitter that only traveling passengers will be permitted through the terminal doors, and only check-in for their flight opens. 

It is also stated that the people dropping off or picking up passengers must stay in the car park line and undergo COVID-19 safety measures.

Not until March that Aer Lingus, Loganair, Ryanair, and Blue Islands flights to Ireland, other parts of the UK, the Channel Islands, and abroad will resume flights under the current schedule.

The schedule for flights in Skybus to the Isles of Scilly, Eastern to Teeside, or flights to Copenhagen or Dusseldorf is not yet confirmed.

Kim Conchie, head of Cornwall Chamber of Commerce, grieved his decision to close the airport in November. 

Conchie stated in November that when it is open, Newquay airport is full of business-minded people and people from the public sector, going up to London and elsewhere.

He also added to his statement that this year had taught us that we could do a lot more online, but you do need to see people in the first instance to create chemistry and trust.

He ended the statement with the line, “When times are tough, it’s an extra imposition not to have it open.”

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