A38 Taunton Road, Closed for Maintenance

A38 Taunton Road, Closed for Maintenance
David Smith/Geograph

The A38 Taunton Road in Bridgwater is known to be a very busy road where students pass by to reach school, employees and employers to go to their respective offices, shoppers and housekeepers to get the goods they need, and vans and trucks loaded with goods to reach warehouses and market places. These daily activities are vital to the community’s economic growth.

However, this route that connects Bridgwater from Taunton and North Petherton will be closed for weeks due to repair and resurfacing works.

The Somerset County Council called this work required for the route as something that is “vital”. The repair work will hold planning off the old and weathered surface of the road to a depth that ranges up to 100 millimetres. After that, new materials will be replacing the old ones for a safer and better road. Squibbers Way will serve as the relief road during the construction time.

The county council’s cabinet member for highways, Councillor John Woodman, said in a statement that the very busy route to Bridgwater is very important. Thus, it should be kept in good condition.

To minimise disruption as much as possible, the works are scheduled to take place during off-peak hours, and Squibbers Way is now open as a shorter alternative route.

Here is the schedule of works and closures of the routes involve in resurfacing and repair work:

  • From January 8- 15, 2020 Taunton Road (Broadway to Fernleigh Avenue) 6:30 pm to 11:30 pm
  • From January 15-21, 2020 Taunton Road (Rhode Lane to Hamp Bridge) 6:30 to 11:30 pm

If you are passing by these routes on a daily basis, be informed and be mindful of the routes’ closure and maybe have some adjustments on your activities to arrive home at the right time.

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