Tourists Flock Cornwall as Locals Express their Fear over the Spread of Coronavirus

Tourists Flock Cornwall as Locals Express their Fear over the Spread of Coronavirus

With the lockdown over and businesses open, life is slowly getting back to normal. In Cornwall, almost all businesses have reopened, and people are freely carrying on with their daily activities.

Hospitality and tourism sectors were the worst affected by the lockdown. However, these industries are now on the recovery path, as tourists have started flocking Cornwall ahead of the summer.

Cornwall is a traditional tourist destination, and the increased number of tourists is justifiable, considering that people have been held in their homes since March. Therefore, most people now feel that they need to travel to other places.

Cornwall has many tourist attractions, including adventure parks, museums, Newquay zoo, mountains, picnic gardens, among others.

However, the locals are worried a lot. They fear that with the increased number of visitors, cases of coronavirus infection could go up.

Unfortunately, Cornwall does not have adequate infrastructure to cope with a steady increase in coronavirus infections. Therefore, locals fear that it would lead to a second wave of the pandemic.

About 25% of the Cornwall population is made up of the elderly who are more vulnerable to coronavirus. Additionally, the county has few critical units to cater to the patients.

The few hospitals in the county can only accommodate a limited number of patients at a time due to the lack of the necessary infrastructure. For instance, The Royal Cornwall Hospital in the county has room for only 15 patients.

It is surprising to see that tourists are not bothered by the risk of contracting the virus. They have chosen fun over safety. More and more tourists are travelling to Cornwall every day.

Cornwall authorities are at a crossroads. They want to tap on the revenue from tourism, but on the other hand, they want to ensure the safety of the residents as well.



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