Torquay Welcomes Riviera Heights on Former B&Q Site

Torquay Welcomes Riviera Heights on Former B&Q Site
Derek Harper/Geograph

Formerly known as a “huge eyesore of Torquay”, the former B&Q site had been greatly transformed into what is now the new and beautiful Riviera Heights. The reconstruction and multi-million-pound regeneration of the area started way back in 2018, and the opening of the newly constructed site will be held within a month.

The B&Q space has remained empty for a couple of years before the reconstruction took place. It gained its name because the site is in a popular part of Torquay along a busy route.

With a total of 15 homes, 12 car parking spaces and 3 garage spaces, the former B&Q site has transformed into 663 square meters commercial floor space and retail area.

Many residents and passers-by had aired their views sayings that the site held so much potential for better usage rather than being an empty and ugly site. Within the two years of its reconstruction, the management received positive comments and full operational support from the locals and residents.

With high-class interiors for both the commercial space and Riviera Heights Homes, the new development will be one of the most famous assets in the coming months. It will also uplift tourism for the local area and give it back the life it once lost.

The operations manager of the Botree group responsible for the reconstruction of Riviera Heights, Dave Roddick said that building something that will stand proud is already an achievement for them.  Furthermore, having a lively and beautiful townscape is sure to attract the public’s interest while bringing in more investment in the area.

While the finishing work and testing of the facility is still on-going, there is a likelihood that this beautiful space will open in a month’s time. Torquay residents cannot wait to see this brand-new space open its wide doors for prospective buyers and investors.


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  1. yes it really good , it been empty for many years. work like that is badly need in paignton old run down buildings.

  2. Oh dear, check your archive pictures, before posting. Maybe a picture of Riviera Heights and not the location of B&Q new store, in a totally different area of Torquay. would have been more appropriate to the article.


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