Torquay United Climbs the Table after a win in Away Game

Torquay United Climbs the Table after a win in Away Game
hburton/Wikimedia Commons

Torquay United won against AFC Fylde in a game played at Mill Farm to climb in the table rankings. They started at a high note when Joe Lewis narrowly missed scoring after a corner. The ball went safely over the Fylde’s bar.

The first score of the game came on the 13th minute when Walker shot from the edge of the box, leaving the keeper with little chances as he scored. However, at the 15th minute, Captain Asa Hall perfectly translated a corner to a score when he perfectly propelled the ball at the bottom left corner.

The equalizer increased the confidence and morale of Torquay United. At the 29th minute, Torquay to scorer Jamie Reid gave his team the much-needed lead. Just before the half time, Lewis made a perfect cross, but there was no Torquay player available to push the ball home.

During the second half, the visitors were on a high note, but Fylde was not giving them an easy time. Walker made a close-range approach toward the goal, but the ball was cleared off the line. On the 60th minute, Torquay scored their third goal when Reid shot on target only for the ball to palmed back to find Whitfield in a good position to send it back with a perfect score.

This marked his 7th goal of the season. With the lead, Torquay appeared on their way to win the match while the host came under intense home pressure.

On the 78th minute, Jordan for Fylde Williams scored to revive the hopes. The coasters were awarded a free-kick at 25 yards, and they thought it would be turned to a straight score, but Walker was not able to capitalize on the chance. The six minutes of added time did not change the scores. The game ended 3-2 with Torquay taking the day with a much-needed win giving them three more points.

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