Torquay United Boss: Youngsters Evans and Price Have the Potential and Are Talented

Torquay United Boss: Youngsters Evans and Price Have the Potential and Are Talented
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Torquay United’s boss, Gary Johnson, said that the two youngsters he recently signed have great potential that is yet to be tapped. The manager signed two youngsters, Jacob Evans and Owen Price, last week.

The two are students at South Devon College, and they are now full-time professional footballers at the club after being signed. This additional signing increased the number of players in the previously constituted squad to 14.

However, the two youngsters are not to be relied on when the new season starts. Instead, the manager aims for developing and improving their skills throughout the remaining part of the season.

Contrary to other signings such as Louie Slough and Olaf Koszela, Johnson signed the pair, intending to utilize their potential in the future. Slough and Koszela were signed because of their impressive performance in the college competitions last season.

However, the manager likened the two with Slough and Koszela because they are young and with the potential for improvement. He remained optimistic that their future in football is great after their skills are polished through training and practice.

Johnson welcomed the pair at the club and promised them that they would transform from young players to real men after some years.

The manager added that many people might not see the potential of the two because they are young and inexperienced. However, they have the potential and quality needed in the game. Therefore, they are future quality and professional players who are being prepared today.

Price plays the left-back position while Evans is a midfielder. Johnson also noted that Price is a strong defender who is built like a British bulldog. On the other hand, Evans is an all-round midfielder who is strong and confident. He has good control of the ball.

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