Torquay United Adopts ‘Self Training’ During Coronavirus Break


Gary Johnson, Torquay United’s manager, announced that his team has adopted “self-training” sessions due to coronavirus pandemic. Mr Johnson noted that the “self-training” regime had yielded surprising results.

The manager said that his players have been “self-training” as the league is on a coronavirus break. He was quick to note that the results have been great with one player breaking the records by completing 10 kilometres race in just 21 minutes.

The training sessions are conducted using an app that has a record of what each player should do while training. This innovation allows a collection of feedback data from each player. The data is then automatically transmitted to physio Hepworth. Mr Hepworth monitors the progress of each player through the programme.

Mr Johnson said that the players are training in their homes as they were dispatched to go and have time with their families. He added that the players have their homes located in different parts of the country, but they live in Torquay when the National League is on.

Mr Johnson explained how the app works to a local media journalist. He said that they give each player a 5 kilometre run per session. The players’ progress is automatically monitored by the programme, which automatically sends feedback data to Mr Hepworth.

The app records each player’s speed, distance, and calories lost per session. Mr Johnson said that the programme is good as they know what each player has done. He noted that there is no chance of hiding anything from them.

The National League competitions were called off on Monday until April 3, 2020. However, the Football Association suspended all sporting activities until the beginning of May. This means that “self-training” will continue for quite some time.

Mr Johnson supported the Football Association’s decision to extend the coronavirus break to May and termed it as a well-thought decision.


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