Torquay School Tests Students for Coronavirus

Torquay School Tests Students for Coronavirus

Grammar School in Torquay decided to test three students for coronavirus after they complained of feeling unwell after a trip to Italy. The trio complained of fever and breathing difficulties on arrival from a ski trip in northern Italy which has recorded several cases of the deadly coronavirus.

The students were tested for coronavirus at a local dispensary in the presence of the school headteacher. However, the results turned negative which was a relief to the three students and the school fraternity.

Due to the tension aroused in the school, the headteacher, Peter Lawrence, instructed the staff members and all the pupils to stay at their homes over the weekend. Mr Lawrence termed the quarantine as a necessary precautionary measure. He added that the students tested negative and they were discharged from the dispensary.

Coronavirus is caused by COVID- 19 which originated from Wuhan in China. The cause of the virus has been attributed to animals as most of those infected worked or frequently visited the Huanan seafood market in China.

Coronavirus outbreak has affected over 80, 000 people all over the world with China recording over 77,000 infection cases and over 2600 deaths. The virus is dangerous than normal influenza and experts are yet to find a cure.  The outbreak has been termed as a global public health emergency by WHO as the virus is spreading easily to other countries.

Penair School in Cornwall had also decided to quarantine all the students and staff members after they returned from the condemned Italian trip. However, the school reversed its decision when the other students from Grammar School tested negative for the virus.

The issues surrounding the trip have raised concerns among parents in Torquay who demanded that schools put in place safety measures during such international trips.

Learning is set to resume from tomorrow after the two schools recalled their students through text messages sent to the parents.

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