Torquay Police Officer Violated After Man in Custody Spits in His Mouth

Torquay Police Station, Jaggery/ Geograph

A Torquay judge has ordered a male resident locked up after viewing a bodycam video of him spitting into a police officer’s mouth. The perpetrator, Dean Ryan, also goes by the name Daley, 41, of Rock Road, Torquay, was sitting at the back of a police car beside PC Christopher Fletcher when the incident occurred.

A surprised and angry PC Fletcher was recorded to have retorted with expletives, calling Ryan a “vile human being.” In a victim statement the police officer made afterward, he said that he was angry and felt violated and contaminated by the act.

The bodycam video, which was on the person of PC Fletcher at the time, shows Ryan being aggressive at the back of the police vehicle. The altercation with the police had him shouting, leading to him spitting at the officer.

Also caught on camera was the post-reaction of Ryan, with him continuing to shout and laugh, declaring that his revenge was justified and was only returning to the police officer the way he himself was treated. He also claimed to be a person of importance, a diplomat, and would be out of law enforcement’s custody within two hours.

Judge Peter Johnson at Exeter Crown Court was not swayed by Ryan’s presentations of papers that referenced outdated 18th-century laws. Ryan also appeared with a declaration that he carried a flag of beach and a counterclaim of £3 million for his “false arrest.” All these the judge dismissed as “gibberish.”

Ryan was ordered to undergo clinical assessment and was told to present a probation report and a psychiatric report. He has refused to have doctors see him and has thus ordered remanded in custody.

On what led to his arrest in the first place, Prosecutor Robert Yates narrated that police on the beat in The Strand in Torquay encountered Ryan causing public disturbance by shouting at a group of homeless people at Debenhams. After refusing to stop and move on, Ryan became aggressive, prompting PC Fletcher and his colleague to make the arrest, leading to the spitting incident caught on camera.


  1. That is so dangerous to the Policemen’s health not to mention the Stress caused to him and his family who may need to go through invasive Test’s in Hospital for HIV, TB, among other nasty virus’s that can be passed on , Ryan should have got 15 years in Prison, If our Courts don’t protect our few Police we have lefr our lives will become very dangerous where criminals feel they can do what they like and get away with it a short sentence is nothing to Criminals more like a meeting place for their Friends,


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