Torquay Church Official to Climb Church Spire to Raise Funds

Torquay Church Official to Climb Church Spire to Raise Funds

A church official from Torquay hopes that he will be able to fight his greatest fear of heights in climbing the church spire, the highest point of the church, in order to raise money for some repairs that need to be attended urgently.

The St. Mary Magdalene Church, or St. Mags, is located at Torquay, Devon. It’s currently repairing its external facade using the funds from the National Lottery Heritage Fund. However, £7,000 has been allotted for the kitchen which the vicars considered as a vital part of the church, especially for their outreach programs for the community.

The lottery grant made by the lottery heritage fund does not include internal repairs. Revd. Sam Leach, a church rector, states that plasters are already falling from the kitchen area because of the damp issues from the past. Plaster falling may cause health and hygiene problems in the future. Also, they considered the kitchen and sitting areas all vital in their community work, specifically the playroom and living room.

The contractors working on the external repairs have placed 10 scaffolding lifts with an 80-feet ladder which will be used in repairing the church spire. This is also what Revd. Sam Leach, together with three other vicars, will climb in order to acquire money.

The height reaches a 165-feet climb. An interesting catch is that Revd. Leach has been intensely scared of heights. He even said that when going up in an escalator, he has to hang on the escalator rails with his eyes down or closed.

For safety purposes, they will be attached to the rope, but what scares Revd. Leach the most is that he might freeze while on the way up and wouldn’t be able to move further up or even down. They are hoping that people would be generous even if they won’t be able to reach the church’s peak.

Churchwarden Ed Williams, living room pastor Petrina Jones, and verger Gary Clarke will be joining Revd. Leach on the sponsored climb.

They are doing this to continue serving the community, but they won’t be able to do so without enough funding, especially that the Covid-19 pandemic has frozen the church finances.

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