Ticket Sale Commences for a Special Old Folks Carnival Show in Bridgwater

Ticket Sale Commences for a Special Old Folks Carnival Show in Bridgwater
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Tickets for the 2020 special carnival show for the seniors are set to be sold ahead of the upcoming event. The organizers announced that tickets will be available for purchase at the Carnival Centre in Bridgwater starting Saturday, February 22, 2020. Anyone willing to attend the event was advised to drop into the centre from 10 am to noon.

The annual event is organized by Bridgwater Features and Gangs and it is held as a form of appreciation to local pensioners for supporting and helping others during the carnival season. The show is a modern way of keeping the carnival spirit alive.

This year’s event marks the 58th anniversary of the show and it will take place from Thursday, March 26 to Saturday, March 28 at the Town Hall in Bridgwater.

The organizing group president, Arthur Leigh, said that they get brilliant feedback every year from the people who watch the show. He added that the entertainment value and standard of the acts keep on improving every year.

Arthur went ahead to say that tickets for the show are on high demand and therefore those willing to attend should hurry to purchase their ticket from the Carnival Centre on Saturday. He, however, announced that tickets will still be available for sale throughout the week.

The first performance was held in 1962 and since then the event has grown and became famous over the years. The event is similar to the prestigious carnival concerts in terms of choreography and singing although it is less serious when it comes to the stage setting and content.

Local carnivalites are usually in charge of backstage arrangements and serving refreshments to the people attending the show. They are also in charge of sound, lighting, stewarding and compering. However, they work under the supervision of the event organizer, Mr Wayne Anker.

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