Three Old Men Found Dead in Exeter

Three Old Men Found Dead in Exeter
The Vicinity of Exeter City

A 27-year old man was arrested by police authorities as he was suspected to have murdered three men at their late 80’s in Exeter, including an 84-year old twin.

On Monday at 15:00 GMT, the police officers received a call from Bonhay Road where they found the body of an 80-year old man. Then on the next day at 13:00 GMT, they were called to Cowick Lane which is just about 1.5 miles away from Bonhay Road killing incident, they found the bodies of the two other men, whom they identified as twins.

The investigation of this triple murder case is being led by Devon and Cornwall police team. According to Detective Chief Inspector Roy Linden of the main crime investigation team, the manner of violence used against the three men has key common factors that made them link the investigations between these 2 addresses in Exeter – Bonhay Road and Cowick Lane.

On the other hand, Superintendent Matt Lawler stated that officers are yet to establish the clarity of connections between these cases and that both of the two residential areas are now being tightly guarded by police officers.

As per the officers’ gathered information, the 84-year old twin, Dick and Roger Carter, both served as directors of Traycrop Agricultural Company from the year 1990 up until 2004 when the company was dissolved. Their neighbors confirmed that the two were both reclusive and eccentric. Meanwhile, there isn’t any further information yet about the dead man from Bonhay Road as of the moment.

Furthermore, Superintendent Lawler and the investigating officers are appealing for possible witnesses within these areas between 08:00 hours on Sunday up to 13:00 hours on Tuesday. He also advised the residents of Exeter to keep a close watch over their elderly neighbors to protect them from any possible incident of the same kind.

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