Thousands appeal to impose lockdown on Bicester Village on increased coronavirus infections

Thousands appeal to impose lockdown on Bicester Village on increased coronavirus infections
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The petition for the closure of the Bicester Village in the region has now ballooned to almost five thousand signatures. The concern was raised with the increase of foot traffic in the streets of this busy shopping district that could cause an unwanted increase in COVID-19 cases in the region.

Jake Finlay, in his Youtube channel “TheFinlayAdventures”, has released a vlog concerning the increased visitors as the shopping district of the village reopens to the public last Monday.

This upmarket Oxfordshire shopping outlet is home to 160 boutique shops. Although the streets in the village are productively bustling, the practice of physical distancing has been deliberately ignored. No public regulations or enforcements were also placed to control foot traffic. The practice of wearing masks wasn’t even given due attention by authorities of the village or the shop owners.

Although temperatures were checked upon entry to stores, Finlay indicated his dismay on fewer regulations and directions over social distancing protocols. He has worked in Bicester Village before and resides in the same town that he appreciates, but he is utterly concerned about how this practice could lead to an increased number of coronavirus infections.

He said that if local authorities in the village couldn’t enforce any regulations on foot traffic and social distancing, then it would be better to close the village altogether temporarily until measures are in place to protect everyone’s welfare.

Cherwell District Council was reported to have been in conversation with the management at the village and deployed several staff members to the location to assess and monitor the situation. This was done before the petition was raised regarding social distancing concerns.

As of this writing, more than 4,700 people are signing the petition to close the village according to Laura Wicks, the author of the said petition. She was disgusted to witness hundreds of shoppers make their way to shops and bustling in the street like there is no danger of infection in their midst.

Bicester Village owners are yet to issue a comment on this matter.

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