The Wrath of a Landlord Following Cornwall Council Order

The Wrath of a Landlord Following Cornwall Council Order

Every business person aims to maximize profit and reduce expenditure. They are always ready to do every possible thing to achieve this. This has been the case for Nick, a landlord and pub owner in Cornwall who had constructed seats outside his pub. 

However, when COVID 19 hit and lockdown rules were put in place, pubs were hit the most. On April 12, 2021, the rules were perceived less strictly, and pubs started welcoming back drinkers. Pubs with a beer garden were in a better place since the virus is less likely to spread fast in an open space. All they needed was to space the seating positions to maintain social distance.

This landlord and pub owner in Gulval decided to get creative and devise tough, desperate measures for the desperate times. Since he did not have enough space for a beer garden, he constructed seating positions outside the pub. 

They were in an open space, similar to those in a beer garden. He also extended the seating area to the village square across the road. He constructed three tables in his previous parking space and two outside the pub. This step was to help him accommodate more clients while observing the COVID 19 rules.

However, his plan was not to work out as per his expectations. Cornwall Council ordered him to get rid of some of the tables and seats. He had written an email to the council seeking permits to run his pub with these tables outside. He did not, however, get a proper response at the time. Despite chasing the council for some time for clarity, he received no clear guidelines. 

Eventually, a contractor from the council came to his pub. He told him that the council had received complaints against his way of running the pub. He notified him that they had removed the tables at the monument and pushed the remaining two against the wall. 

As things are now, Nick says that he sees no point in running the pub any longer. He says that he will be making no profit, making it just a waste of time.

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