The University of Bristol Responds to “Cruel” and “Crude” Animal Testing Allegations


The University of Bristol has countered reports by animal rights groups alleging wasteful and cruel animal testing, claiming that it only allows testing to be carried out on animals when absolutely necessary, and that such tests are needed to “advance our understanding of health and disease”.

According to Animal Aid and Animal Justice Project, experiments conducted on animals cause “terrible suffering” and are a “waste of funds”. The campaign Manager at Animal Aid, Jessamy Korotoga says: “The University of Bristol is not only involved in the shameful practice of animal experiments, but we have examples here of researchers conducting procedures in animals which have failed in humans, procedures in animals which are known to be very dangerous and other researchers who don’t even know the name of the law which licenses this terrible suffering. This alone should be sufficient for prospective students to look elsewhere for a good education and for current students and staff to ask the vice-chancellor and president of the university what on earth is going on.” The group then proceeds to challenge the university to “provide evidence that an experiment carried out there has saved human lives, and we urge students to opt out of inhumane research.”

According to reports, in 2016 alone, the University of Bristol tested on 26,990 animals including rodents, fish, bats, chickens, dogs and a cat.



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