The Search for the Air Traffic Control Officer Begins

The Search for the Air Traffic Control Officer Begins
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The Cornwall Airport Newquay is in dire need of an Air Traffic Control Officer. First of all, let’s be clear what Air Traffic Contol Officer does. The air traffic control profession is a highly dynamic and demanding job as what happens in the sky may be unpredictable and unforeseeable. Thus, the incumbent, who will control what happens in the sea of clouds, should have a high degree of the following attributes and traits: alertness, confidence, and decisiveness.


On top of dealing with the uncertainties, the air traffic controller has to meet the safety standards despite the increasingly crowded skies. This post will require flexibility and a shift working schedule. However, the job itself can be so gratifying and fulfilling.


Basically, one of the job duties of an Air Traffic Contol Officer is to provide adequate information and advice to aircraft pilots. The officer will also be the one to guide the latter while they take off and land safely and promptly. The incumbent will become a part of the community of highly-trained professionals who is responsible for keeping the airspace free and moving by ensuring that the aviation industry is operating smoothly and safely.


Now focusing on the people management duties of the Cornwall Newquay Air Traffic Control Officer, he or she must oversee the team, guide, assist, and train other controllers and assistants.


To know if an individual is qualified to take the role of an Air Traffic Control Officer, here are the following requirements:


  • Having a license from the National Air Traffic Services – training happens around three years
  • Being a holder of a UK CAA ATCO license with an ADI and APS ratings
  • Getting a valid medical certificate
  • Having an APP rating would be an advantage
  • Being qualified as Met Observer is desirable


If you have what it takes to be an Air Traffic Control Officer, then apply now. Apply here. The application is open until October 18.




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