The Palace Restricts Comments on Prince Charles’s and Camilla’s Twitter Account

The Palace Restricts Comments on Prince Charles’s and Camilla’s Twitter Account
National Assembly For Wales / Cynulliad Cymru/Wikimedia Commons

Comments on the royal couple’s Twitter page have been restricted to only those followed by the account or those mentioned. This limitation in Clarence House Twitter page came shortly after confirmation of abusive comments, which are contrary to the Royal Household guidelines.

However, the Instagram page of the royal couple has remained intact with no noticeable changes.

It is believed that the trolling Camilla received from the negative comments was connected to the release of The Crown’s fourth season.  The season that currently airs on Netflix reflects on the late Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s early romance life.

The show discloses how Camilla and Charles engaged in extramarital affairs and even went ahead to marry each other in 2005. This part has caused a lot of online uproars, with the majority of viewers citing fears of the picture that it has to the current generation.

While the show is pure art, there might be confusion among people that did not witness these events in the past. They might not understand that it is fiction based on the lives of real people.

Oliver Dowden, the UK government’s Culture Secretary, raised concerns over the matter and insisted that Netflix has an obligation to put the record straight. He acknowledged that the work was a beautiful piece of art that needed clarification of facts from fiction.

Charles, the 9th Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, when speaking to a UK morning show, also noted the need for Netflix to become honest to consumers by issuing a warning of The Crown. He insisted that through the cautionary statement, the viewer could relate well and understand the drama.

Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, and Prince Charles promoted London’s nightlife industry on Thursday by visiting the Soho Theatre and The 100 Club. They watched a rehearsal and viewed a musical performance.

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