The opening of walk-through coronavirus testing site at Bridgwater

The opening of walk-through coronavirus testing site at Bridgwater

The Somerset County Council has made coronavirus testing more available and accessible by opening the walk-through testing site at Bridgwater. The testing centre will be functional for about six months. The site’s opening was supported by the cooperation of the Bridgwater Town Council, Delloite, and Serco.

The opening of the site was a grand one which happened the same week as the opening of a drive-through in Yeovilton. The opening of the walk-through testing site followed the implementation of a four-week national lockdown by the government.

According to the supportive Somerset’s Public Health, the restrictions will help lower the infection rate in the county. Somerset’s Director of Public Health-Trudi Grant has urged all residents to obey containment measures to stop the spread of the virus.

He further emphasised that residents should stay home and observe the hands, face, space rules if they must leave home for permitted reasons. He also asked residents to work in unison to help reduce the number of infections.

Only those with coronavirus symptoms will undergo the testing. If you have any of the symptoms like high temperature, change or loss in taste or smell, or a continuous cough, you are advised to call 119.

You can also book a test through the NHS website COVID page. The importance of the site is to help those without transport to access the testing easily. You can book a test seven days a week, starting from 8 am to 8 pm. People have to observe all the public health measures when going for the test. That includes social distancing, wearing face masks, and observing personal hygiene.

The sites will be an addition to the existing test facilities at Frome Cricket Club and Taunton Racecourse. Commending the site, Councillor Clare Paul-Cabinet, member of health and wellness, says that it will help those without their own transport.

Across the border are mobile testing sites that Somerset’s residents can access. The mobile testing sites are in Barnstaple, Bridport, Bristol, Exter, Trowbridge, Weston-superMare, and Warminster.

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