The Last Surviving Exeter Emperor Grape Farmer Dies Aged 92

The Last Surviving Exeter Emperor Grape Farmer Dies Aged 92

Exeter is mourning the death of the last surviving man to farm the famous Emperor grapes. Victor Glaze succumbed to a short illness on January 21, 2020, at the age of 92. Glaze was the fifth and last-born child in the family of Charles Glaze.

Born in September 1997, Victor lived with his family on their farm in south Exeter. They lived near a dirt road until it was tarmacked and named after their family.

When growing up, Glaze spent most of his summers in Wilsonia mountains, where he used to deliver mails by horseback. He had two horses; Dan and Sandy. Victor and his mother, Elizabeth Glaze, moved to San Diego after the death of his father. They left their farm in the custody of his brother-in-law. In his teenage, he was a boy soprano, and he entertained people in churches and weddings.

When they moved to Diego, he enrolled in a military preparatory school in La Jolla. His wife, Norma, said that he recalled his roller skating experience every morning on his way to school.

Glaze later moved back to Exeter when he got into high school. Being a football fanatic, he played football in school and was recognized as the most valued player in a match against Woodlake in the Valencia Cup competitions.

In 1945, Glaze graduated from high school and proceeded to serve in the military. In the beginning, he served in the Merchant Marines military wing. During this time, he sailed across the Pacific Ocean to Fiji and Japan.

After serving for two years in the Marine, he proceeded to join the United States Army in Marina base. Victor served his country from this base until the end of World War II.

In 1953, he left the army for Exeter to farm. He married Norma Higgins, and they raised their two daughters on their farm. The farm was famous for growing Emperor grapes and other fruits.

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