The future of Cornwall’s Renewable Energy under Threat after Closure of Cornwall Airport Newquay

The future of Cornwall’s Renewable Energy under Threat after Closure of Cornwall Airport Newquay

Cornwall Airport Newquay is closing due to a lack of demand for flights between Cornwall and London. This is mainly because of the recent government guidelines on flight demands.

However, flights to Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, and Teeside International airports will take up again from 9th December. Heathrow Flights will resume on December 16.

Ryanair will resume flights between Newquay and Alicante on December 13.

Flights to other destinations will not resume until late March next year.

Cornwall’s business boss said that the closure of the airport will be devastating for the county.

Kim Cochie, the Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive said that the future of the county depends on the airport remaining open. He says Cornwall Airport Newquay is a crucial infrastructure that shows the county is capable of providing infrastructure for renewable energy, green industry, and manufacturing.

Pete Downes, the Managing Director of Cornwall Newquay Airport, told the BBC that the government needs to decide how much of the industry it wants to remain after the pandemic ends. He added that airports have been running with reduced revenues for the benefit of regional networking. There hasn’t been any specific financial support from the government.

Downes admits that although people have been surviving without government support, the industry will lose some parts if help does not come over the winter. Once a part of the industry is lost, it will be very difficult to get it back.

Downes is requesting the government to give regional airports such as Cornwall more and reliable support.

Cornwall Airpot Newquay will, however, remain open to essential services such as air ambulance, search and rescue, and military service aircraft.

According to Cornwall Airport Newquay’s website, the airport served about 7000 passengers in August after the initial closure that lasted from March until July.


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