The Family of Tony Walsh searches for answers as he went missing for 1 year

The Family of Tony Walsh searches for answers as he went missing for 1 year

A memorial walk for Tony Walsh was performed by his family and friends at the Salvation Army at 966 Prince St. in Truro 7:30 pm, August 23.

It was that exact day of last year that Walsh went missing. Susan Robben, Walsh’s mom, claimed that he left their home in Truro, N.S. at around 11:30 am. They even talked about their plans for the weekend before he said goodbye for an errand. Walsh assured that he would be back that same evening for he will be making dinner for the family.

The two talked about their activities for the weekend and Walsh said he’d be back that evening to make dinner for the family.

The 35-year old’s 1999 Chrysler Sebring car was last located at the Salvation Army parking lot without any trace of him.

Robben claimed everything looked fine, and she has been struggling to understand why he suddenly never came back. “There’s just so many questions. It’s just so hard to wrap your head around,” she said.

This January, Nova Scotia RCMP said they had been investigating the case as a homicide. Although a body hasn’t been found and no one is a suspect, the Police believed that Tony Walsh was killed.

The news release Friday reported that the RCMP projected that Walsh drove to several places of Millbrook, Debert, and Truro, and the sight of him was last noticed in the Truro area while getting into a truck in August 23rd, 2019.

Walsh was the father of an 11-year old girl and was a responsible son. Robben recalled Walsh’s willingness to reach out for her and help, albeit her home located on the other side of the country. “He was kind-hearted, dependable, and hardworking,” she added.

The loving family and friends are holding a candlelight vigil and a memorial walk on the same day of his disappearance secretly hoping it will spark a memory.

“I need someone with courage and conviction to come forward with any little information that they may have. It may seem insignificant to you, but it could be that small little corner piece that helps put the puzzle together,” Robben requested.

Anyone with information being asked, don’t hesitate to leave an anonymous tip to Crimestoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS or call the RCMP at 902-896-5060.


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