The Exeter Police Department Identifies a Prowler with the Help of Doorbell Camera Footage

The Exeter Police Department Identifies a Prowler with the Help of Doorbell Camera Footage
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A gang comprising two members from Visalia has been convicted of committing a criminal activity in the year 2017. The gang shot an Exeter man while enjoying a warm sleep in his marital home. The Tulare County District Attorney revealed that the two criminals, Cesar Raya and Vincent Lopez-Prado aged 20 and 22 years respectively, entered the victim’s home on February 23, 2017, at around 4 a.m.

The burglars managed to get into the newly married man’s house via the garage entrance, which had not been closed. According to the available information, it is crystal clear that the gang’s objective was to steal firearms as well as ammunition. The young couple, who were asleep in their master bedroom, was woken up by two masked men. Before they could make their mind on what action to take, the man was already shot on the arm. The burglars organized themselves with the agility of a cobra, ready to shoot the female. However, they changed their mind and escaped without hitting her.

A few minutes later, the male victim, who was already bleeding profusely, was rushed to the nearby local hospital. He was discharged from the health centre a couple of days later after being declared out of danger because the gunshot wound had significantly improved. He recovered fully after some time.

In the course of the investigation, the Exeter Police Department managed to get doorbell camera footage that helped them know the prowler, who was later identified as Raya. The officers commenced a thorough search on the suspect’s residence and luckily got a vehicle identified by surveillance footage. Raya was taken into custody immediately.

The Visalia Police Department decided to conduct a thorough search in an apartment complex on February 24, 2017, after being notified of criminal activity. In the course of the search, the officers got the Exeter Victim’s car keys, guns, ammunition, and house keys within Lopez-Prado’s office who was absent.

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