The death of two horses caused by the racecourse condition raised a concern

The death of two horses caused by the racecourse condition raised a concern

Concern rose among the people when two horses died on Devon’s racecourse due to the condition on the day of the race. Two races were scheduled at the Newton Abbot Racecourse last Monday, September 9, 2019.

It has been recorded that 51 horses have died at New Abbot racehorse track – Timeforben and Noel’s Boy is the 50th and 51st that had died since Animal Aid started the horse deathwatch campaign in 2007.

The Devon Against Horse Racing group conveyed their worry about the conditions for racing beforehand. The weather is awful with heavy rains swamping on course yet the Newton Abbot Racecourse still did not withdraw the race. They suspected that they only thought of profit and not the safety of the horses.

“The racecourse ignored calls and messages to forgo the racing on account of heavy rain falling on a course prone to water damage, they chose to ignore such calls and the racing continued…,” the spokesperson of the group reported on Tuesday.

Last month, it has been reported than another horse, One More Tune, died after suffering an injury in a jumping event at New Abbot Racecourse.

The group emphasized their fight to ban the horseracing, however a difficult path to take, but would insist to protect the welfare of the horses. Surely, the events will make people be aware of the ‘cruelty’ involved in the ‘sport’ and will think twice about supporting it.

David Pipe, the trainers of the two horses, told Devon Live that the horses are on their best conditions before the race. They would also not place them on track if the ground were not on a good state. The racetrack would have withheld the race or stopped if necessary.

The horses were still able to finish the race with the jockey but showed ‘lameness’ after a while. Though, the horses were quickly examined by the veterinary team. The outcome of the race was unfortunate, but he insisted that the veterinary team tried their best to provide first aid and proper diagnosis.

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